Stephenson’s Renovates Retail Stores

With lots of retail consumer traffic, older store locations were in need of construction repair and service work to ensure the stores are properly maintained and visually appealing for customers.

The construction work was inclusive of adding side rails to walls which had been scuffed up by daily wear and tear.  The maintenance work required the patching and finishing of floors.  Interior fixtures were uninstalled, including racking, and signage for relocation to retail stores in Milton and Waterloo.  The uninstalling of fixtures coincided with the disassembly and transfer of furniture which also required coordination for shipment and relocation. 

  • Installation of new branding wall
  • Installation of side rails to walls
  • Removal of interior fixtures
  • Uninstall of racking & signage
  • Relocation of fixtures
  • New branding wall
  • Exterior painting
  • Floor patches
  • Floor finishing

The finishing work for the retail stores included the installation of a new branding wall and the exterior of the store was painted to refresh and refine the retail location exteriors.



Project Type:
Commercial Retail
Hamilton, Milton, Brampton, Waterloo, Ontario
1-2 day maintenance work