Making Space for Little Caesar to Make Crazy Bread

The improvements to the restaurant retail locations began with planning, review of architectural drawings and the management of permits for the buildout. The planning work included assisting the franchisee owners with commercial equipment ordering and installations. The project management required coordination with the landlord on all approvals to ensure specifications met franchise standards, and work with all trades and sub trades to ensure all inspections exceeded expectations.

  • Lobby and kitchen construction
  • Installation of equipment
  • Equipment set-up & operation
  • Walk-in cooler installation
  • Oven installation
  • Custom millwork
  • Backsplash & floor tiling
  • Interior painting

The final finishing provided professional cleaning services of the interior prior to grand openings delivering pizzas fresh out of the oven to customers.

The Little Caesars Vision Launch required the coordination of construction work between the franchisees, data technicians, electricians and retail staff. The construction planning and services required the reorganization of the lobby layout to suit the ‘Pizza Portal’ cut counters. The services provided included an upgrade cabling and electrical, which also required the patching of existing walls and drywall work.

  • Lobby layout
  • Tiling installation
  • Drywall & patching
  • Countertops
  • Digital menu boards
  • Upgrade cabling & electrical

The finishing work for the build out included the installation of digital menu boards and the retiling of backsplashes and surfaces for the final polish and finish. All work on the restaurant was done outside of operating hours to ensure no interruption of food services and deliveries of fresh pizzas to customers.

Project Type:
Restaurant Franchise
Retail Tenant Improvements
Dorchester to Pembroke throughout Southwestern Ontario
1-2 days, after hours